HR Analytics & Data

Understanding and Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage 


Identification of core competencies wanted and needed in the business, identification of current state, gap identification, strategy development to meet need.

Competency Acquisition

Assessment of how the business acquires necessary competency to operate and grow the business.


Evaluation of operational efficiency;  time spent on non-profitable work, workforce allocation, proper staffing levels.

Employee Churn / Retention

Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, Staff Advocacy though surveys, exit interviews, and regular staff climate interaction.

Corporate Culture

Assessing and understanding the culture or cultures within the organization.  Tracking changes, understanding shifts, early detection of ‘toxic’ elements, and recruitment for fit.

Recruitment & Talent Pipeline

Determination of where the best performing people come from.  Identification of top performers, historical assessment of source, review KPIs, financial return per employee.


Understanding how Leaders lead. Review of staff movement, employee relation issues, utilization of development programs, employee interviews, and focus groups are methods of collecting data to asses leadership effectiveness.


Business needs high performing employees to exist and be competitive.  Continuous and regular monitoring of people, teams, and business performance provides insight into future performance.  Being able to react is a competitive advantage.